From Novice to Ace: How Mastering Video Interviews Helped Land Jeffrey a New Job

Date: 12-20-2020 | Category: For Students,News | Reading Time: 2 Minutes

“Being laid off due to COVID-19 was a struggle,” recalled Jeffrey Goodman. “Conducting virtual interviews–I was totally out of my element. I had never been on a video call before. I didn’t even know how to change my name in the corner.”

But Jeffrey was able to master the art of video interviews thanks to the career coaches at JVS Careers. “They were really able to help me out, and turn a negative into a positive.”

He was first connected with JVS Careers

while he was in college through a workshop for Cincinnati Hillel at the University of Cincinnati. Jeffrey said he then reached out to us after he was furloughed and ultimately laid off due to the pandemic.

All of Jeffrey’s career coaching was done over phone and video calls to help maintain social distancing. “That was something brand new that I had never done before that I had zero experience in, and we did mock interviews over video calls. We knew what the general questions I was going to be asked were, so they helped me form my responses. It was great to practice and get comfortable with what I was going to say during a real interview.”

Jeffrey said the mock interviews went beyond just preparing responses but, “how to be in the center of the frame, how to be professional, what I should wear.”

All of his hard work paid off and led to him earning the job he’s always wanted. “Take the career coaches’ advice, but don’t expect them to do the work for you. They are there to help guide you, but it’s still up to you do look for positions and get the interview. Working with them definitely made my chances of getting the job go up.”

“They were really able to help me out, and turn a negative into a positive,” said Jeffrey.

JVS Careers is currently offering free virtual career coaching sessions to anyone experiencing hardship due to COVID-19. To get in touch and start your process, contact JVS or reach out by phone at 513-936-9675.