Camp Livingston Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator will manage many aspects of Camp Livingston’s summer communication, from social media to photos, email campaigns, on site team communication, and more. This position reports to the Assistant Director and will require working at camp (Bennington, IN – roughly 60 miles from Cincinnati) for the summer.  Additional compensation may be discussed due to the length of the internship.  The Intern will have 6 days off during their time in the position.  The Intern will be able to participate in any ongoing meetings that will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio during the summer. Room and board are included in the position.

Some of the duties are as follows:

  • Mange the day-to-day responsibility of external and internal summer camp communications in coordination with the year-round Staff team.
  • Create and manage a communication plan that ensures all of the proper communication channels are updated as deemed necessary by Camp, including but not limited to:
    1. CampMinder
    2. Facebook
    3. Instagram
    4. Constant Contact
    5. LinkedIN
    6. Etc.
  • Ensure that the proper quality and quantity of photos are taken and uploaded daily.  Manage staff photographers if relevant.
  • Create and edit weekly video content to be shared with various camp audiences.
  • Communicate with “trip” (off camp) groups to ensure the necessary updates and photos are posted regularly.
  • Create and distribute press releases.
  • Enhance year-round camp communication plan by utilizing summer programming to create media to post throughout the year.
  • Coordinate and execute camp media activities such as newspaper, photography, videography, etc.
  • Share camp activity with Camp Livingston Alumni via Constant Contact and Facebook weekly.
  • Share in overall administrative responsibilities at camp and in the camp office.
  • Complete regular Senior Staff duties.
  • Any other duties as deemed necessary by supervisor or Executive Director
  • Must adhere to all other code of conduct as outlined in the staff handbook

Recommended Skills:

  • Highly organized, punctual and flexible
  • High degree of self-motivation and capable of working independently, while at the same time possess the skills needed to be a team player and contribute to collaborative projects.
  • Past attendance or employment at summer camp preferred but not required.
  • Management experience preferred but not required.

Other Skills: 

  • This may be a supervisory position depending on age of the intern. 21+ preferred but not required

About Camp Livingston

Camp Livingston, a Jewish residential camp nestled deep in the rolling, wooded hills of beautiful southeastern Indiana, has offered an unmatched summer experience for Jewish children and teens for almost 100 years. Camp Livingston provides a safe and nurturing environment where campers and staff gain confidence and form lasting friendships, all while having fun, learning new skills, and celebrating their Judaism. Within this unique environment, campers and staff come to know and love themselves, their community and their place in the greater world. Camp Livingston is home to roughly 300 campers ages 7-17 each summer and over 60 seasonal staff, ages 18 and up. 


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