Teaching Assistant

Rockwern Academy - Full Time

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13 March, 2023

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Rockwern Academy, Cincinnati’s pluralistic Jewish Day School, is looking for multiple full-time Teaching Assistants in our Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Who are we?

Rockwern Academy’s mission is to expand minds, celebrate Judaism, nurture community, and commit to building a better world. An exceptional student-teacher ratio allows us to value each student as a true individual, discovering what gives them their inner spark. 

Teaching Assistants must have a high school degree. Apply here


To support Rockwern Academy’s Early Childhood Education Center’s (ECEC’s) mission by providing a nurturing play-based education to children 12 months - 5 years of age; by maintaining open lines of communication with parents, administrators, and other staff and by basing expectations, practice, and behavior in a high degree of professionalism.


This position reports to the ECEC director.


  1. Help create and maintain a safe, organized, fair, effective, and inviting classroom that reflects the teacher’s mindfulness of students’ physical, social, and intellectual development and needs
  2. Assist with classroom behavior in age-appropriate ways
  3. Prepare and maintain materials and supplies that enhance learning
  4. Support the Lead Teacher as they strive to individualize instruction to meet student's needs
  5. Greet children daily as they enter the classroom; demonstrate respect and empathy for all children and parents
  6. Maintain confidentiality
  7. Suggest improvements in curriculum, assessment, policies, practices, etc.
  8. Treat children, staff, and parents with respect
  9. Attend all required events; attend extra-curricular activities and school functions when possible
  10. Demonstrate commitment to teamwork and collegiality by helping others and accepting suggestions for improvement
  11. Be on time for assigned duties and find a replacement when needed