Fostering Success: The Flourishing Partnership between Cincinnati Animal Care and JVS Careers

Date: 11-08-2023 | Category: Blog,For Employers,Success Story | Reading Time: 3 Minutes

In the heart of Hamilton County, Cincinnati Animal Care (CAC) is committed to their mission to maintain the animal welfare organization’s “no-kill” philosophy. CAC’s services encompass responding to stray dog calls and sheltering stray animals, investigating cases of animal cruelty and neglect, providing crucial assistance to families who require support in caring for their beloved pets and helping homeless animals find a home of their own. This involves not only aggressively finding placement for animals, but also minimizing the number of animals entering the county shelter in the first place. It also means they extend a helping hand to families who want to keep their pets but are temporarily struggling and in need of assistance. After taking over Hamilton County’s animal services three years ago, CAC has had an impressive intake of nearly 8,000 animals each year. CAC has quadrupled the number of dogs and cats they have rescued and to compensate for that growth they needed to double their staff.

The incredible growth of CAC brought with it a need for additional human resources support, and that’s where the partnership with JVS Careers came into play. On March 1st, the Leadership Council for Nonprofits held their Securing the Future conference where Carolyn Evans, founding member and Executive Director of CAC, met team members from JVS Careers. “Carolyn explained that they needed some help finding a Human Resources leader to build that department. I then contacted Carolyn to set up a meeting where we could discuss exactly what she was looking for and how we could help” said Brian Kerstine, Director of Business Development for JVS Careers.

It wasn’t just about filling a role on paper; it was about finding someone who resonated with the mission and culture of CAC, explained Carolyn, “They [JVS Careers] did a site visit just to understand the organization which was really important, especially for such a small organization. Each hire is really impactful, and a mis-hire can really set you off course.” While the initial goal was to find the right HR leader, which JVS Careers was able to achieve quickly, the relationship evolved into a sustained collaboration. JVS Careers continues to partner with CAC by recommending candidates who may fit other roles CAC is trying to fill.

The impact of this partnership is palpable. With the addition of an HR professional, Carolyn’s burden was lightened, allowing her to redirect her focus toward other vital aspects of CAC’s growth. This change not only streamlined internal operations but also contributed to the overall well-being of the organization. The partnership between Cincinnati Animal Care and JVS Careers exemplifies the power of collaboration in the nonprofit sector. It’s about more than just filling job roles; it’s a meeting of minds, values, and goals. 

Interested in learning more about Cincinnati Animal Care and how you can help? Check out their website at to learn more! Check out their extensive fostering program that allows you to do anything from a short-day trip to let a dog be a dog for a day to long-term fostering!

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