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To gain the competitive edge you'll need to separate yourself from the competition, JVS Careers is an ideal choice. We have the expertise and connections to help you differentiate—through one-on-one support from your personal career coach.

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To find a job in a career that's right for you, we offer an array of high-quality services. We know your situation is unique, so we take the time necessary to understand you, your skills, and your personal vision.

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Experience and knowledge are our greatest strengths. Our team has curated these outstanding resources to help you on your journey.


Are you thinking about furthering your education? Do you want to boost your skills to be more competitive in today's market? JVS Careers administers scholarships to help financially—whether you are a recent graduate, or a life-long learner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes—we serve everyone who wants to benefit from our expertise. JVS Careers is guided by Jewish principles, which is why we help people of all backgrounds and beliefs find employment.

We work closely with employers to help match people to the right roles, in virtually any field. We have an extensive network in Greater Cincinnati that we've built over the past 80 years. We're also experts at connecting people to industries, companies, and organizations throughout the country.

At JVS Careers, our expertise can be applied at all levels of employment. We coach CEOs who are looking to hone their professional edge; recent graduates who want to start their career off on the right foot; and everyone in between. We can help people develop long-term plans for success, position themselves for advancement, move up the career ladder, navigate across companies, or land a great job in a new career.

Our career coaches have all had meaningful experience in the business world. Our coaches are college educated, Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) qualified, and are steeped in the latest employment trends—whether that’s technology, corporate expectations, remote employment, job-sharing, or how to approach remote vs. in-person interviews.

The meaning behind JVS has changed over the years. For most of our existence, JVS stood for Jewish Vocational Service. However, as our offerings grew and diversified, that wording felt too narrow for the scope of our work. Today, JVS Careers honors our rich history by keeping JVS in our name, but the letters now stand for Jobs. Vision. Success.


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