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ticksWhat Will Your Legacy Be?

For generations to come, your legacy gift will preserve the high-quality career services that strengthen and enrich our community. With your commitment, JVS Careers can help transform clients’ lives by guiding them to successful careers.

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Create Your Jewish Legacy

With a legacy gift, your impact will continue beyond your lifetime. In a hundred years, you will still be helping to change lives for the better.

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Join the list of people who've committed to helping us with our mission.


# New to Legacy Society this year

Peter and Randy Bloch
Bob* and Irene Block
Lee Martin Block*
Louis T. Block*
Jody and Debbie Brant
Dovid & Sarah Brotsky
Alan and Christie Brown
John and Joni Burton
Barry and Jan Armstrong Cobb
Darryl and Bonnie Dick
Mickey Fishman
Chris and Vallie Freeman
Edward Freeman and Maralynn Martin
Susan and William* Friedlander
Lori and Jason Frischer
Bob Frohman
Dr. Richard and Karen Goodman
Jean Graff*
Cecile Hilb*
John Isidor and Sandy Kaltman
David Joseph*
Brie Juran
Josh and Tracy Juran
Kim Juran
Larry Juran
Karen and Stewart Martin
George Newburger*
Bob and Jenny Oestreicher
Lev and Margaret Orlov
Carl Pritz*
Dora W. Pritz*
Mary Pritz*
Edie and Allen Rau
Joan Roberts #
Joshua Rosen #
Patti Rothfuss
Kim Slaton
Jeffrey Stern
The Corky and Ellen Steiner Family
Josephine G. Stillpass
Alan* and Louise Wolf

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