JVS Careers Announces Reorganization of Scholarship Committee

Date: 02-04-2016 | Category: For Students,News | Reading Time: 2 Minutes

By Sandy Kaltman, Immediate Past Board Chair, JVS Careers

Scholarship administration is a valuable component of the continuum of services that JVS Careers provides to members of the Jewish community over the span of their lifetimes. As higher education becomes more and more expensive and, therefore, less and less accessible without significant financial aid, access to scholarships for education makes a big difference to recipients.

“I was surprised to see that I had been awarded such a generous sum of money, and I cannot thank you enough,” wrote one student after receiving a scholarship. “You have no idea how much this grant has already helped me this year. I pay for everything on my own, and with your help I am able to still be in school, study every night, work, and complete my internship. I hope to one day give back to the community.”

The Scholarship Committee that awards grants from the Hilb Scholarship Fund sought to improve the efficiency of the process and to further enhance the impact of the $200,000 worth of scholarships on recipients. As a result, the Committee has revised its procedures to streamline administration and to award larger scholarships to a smaller number of applicants. Administration of the Saidel, Guthman, and Weiss Awards will be reorganized as well.

Along with these administrative changes, the leadership of the Committee has changed. Edie Rau has succeeded Fred Abel as Scholarship Committee Chair. Both Rau and Abel were devoted JVS Careers board members and board chairs in the past. JVS Careers is grateful to Mr. Abel for his dedicated and consistent leadership over many years. Longtime Committee member Rhoda Mayerson, another of the committee’s founding members, has also retired. Her many years of service are greatly appreciated as well.

With the rising cost of education, the scholarship funds administered by JVS Careers are an important community resource. Community members are invited to contribute to existing scholarship funds or to establish new funds.

Scholarship assistance is just one of the many services that JVS Careers offers to students. The agency also works with students on career coaching and resume writing, networking, and interviewing skills. As students approach the end of their schooling, JVS Careers helps students find internships and jobs after graduation. For more information, contact JVS Careers at (513) 936-9675 or www.jvscareers.com.