Hilb Scholarship

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Gus Hilb established the Hilb Scholarship Fund in 1955 in honor of his parents, Mannis and Yetta Hilb. The fund serves residents of Greater Cincinnati by offering the opportunity to apply for a need-based academic scholarship. Applications can be submitted for college/university enrollment, professional training programs, and/or short-term vocational training programs in non-academic fields. A committee of volunteers that is appointed by JVS Careers determines policies and individual allocations. The Cecile Hilb Scholarship falls under the same guidelines.

Hilb candidates are also considered for various other grants administered through JVS Careers. These other funds are reviewed below.

Hilb Scholarship Applications are closed for the 2023-24 academic year. Applications for the 2024-25 academic year will open February 1, 2024. 


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Guthman Scholarship

In 1998, the Guthman Fund was created to enhance scholarships over that which the Hilb Fund would normally award. These funds are awarded over and above the respective recipients' Hilb awards and are distributed directly to the students. Recipients are chosen based on financial need.

Max and Bertha Saidel Scholarship

Bertha Saidel established a testamentary trust in her will "to aid worthy and deserving Jewish students of Greater Cincinnati in need of financial assistance in securing an education in a medical, engineering, law, or other professional school of a university." These funds are awarded over and above the respective recipients' Hilb awards, and are distributed directly to the students.

Frederick Weiss Scholarship

Candidates for the Hilb Scholarship fund are automatically considered for a Weiss award prior to Hilb decisions as a Weiss grant supersedes eligibility for a Hilb grant. In addition to general Hilb requirements, grants are only made to Jewish applicants. Recipients may be in undergraduate or graduate studies that lead to a degree and professional credentials in the health care field.

Hyman & Jean S. Graff Scholarship

Grants are intended to help Jewish individuals requiring retraining or educational programming to enter a new career path, or to become employable. They may be made to any reputable, accredited, vocational training facility, school, or college/university. Grants are made one at a time, and may not be issued simultaneously with any other administered grant. The grants will be made directly to the school—preferably at the beginning of the program cycle. Grants from this fund are made for only one program/class, with a maximum of two individual grants to the same individual.

Anne and George Heldman Family Scholarship

Beginning in the fall of 2009, the Hilb Committee partnered with the Heldman family to distribute grants to Jewish individuals with significant financial need in our community. The pool of applicants for Heldman Scholarships are pulled from the Hilb applications as acceptance of a Heldman grant will supersede consideration for a Hilb grant. The Heldman Fund grants are issued by a separate committee, made up of two members of the Heldman family.