The ‘Total Package’: How JVS Careers Helped a Chicago Transplant Land the Perfect Job

Date: 12-10-2018 | Category: For Job Seekers,Success Story | Reading Time: 3 Minutes

In the rush of a flight from Chicago to Cincinnati for a job interview, Jon Mann misplaced the portfolio containing his resume and business cards—critical materials for his afternoon appointment.

“However, as I was sitting in the JVS Careers office,” Jon said, “They quickly created business cards, printed my resume, and provided a portfolio, all without me knowing.”

Jon and his wife made the decision to move to Cincinnati earlier this year. They are from Chicago but spent the last several years in Milwaukee, where his wife cared for her father and where Jon did fundraising for a senior living and healthcare facility. Ready for a change and to be closer to family, Jon started to look for work in the Queen City.

“So I reached out to Kim Slaton [JVS Careers Managing Director],” he said. “Kim’s professionalism is beyond belief. She instantly responded to my email and set up a time for us to Skype. From that point on, I felt incredibly comfortable under her wings.”

By the time they scheduled an introductory call, Kim had a lead on a job that matched Jon’s skills and interests at The Jewish Hospital.

“She told me that while she wanted to talk to me, I had to hang up and apply right away. Following her directions, I applied and was selected to undergo the interview process.”

Before that in-person interview in Cincinnati, Jon had his first interview via Skype. Kim helped him prepare for the digital interview and ultimately for the more traditional interview. Not only that—Kim followed up with Jon after the interview to see if he had heard back, and she checked in with the potential employer to see if they had made a decision.

In a matter of weeks, Jon had an offer—evidence of something Kim calls JVS Careers’ “special sauce.”

“In Jon’s case, the sun, moon, and stars all aligned,” she said. “But that’s not by chance. We work hard to network and create business connections so that we know about great opportunities as soon as they come open. Then we identify the perfect candidate for the role and connect the two.”

Jon said Kim is the “total package,” as she understands the whole process and is an advocate for her clients.

“Not only am I grateful for Kim’s professionalism, but I am grateful for the direction and advice she gave me in managing that relationship,” he said.

Jon is just a few months into his new role as the Director of Development at The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health. And so far, he’s happy with the move. Jon has been a very active member of the Jewish communities in which he has lived, and he is looking forward to becoming part of Jewish Cincinnati.

“I am in an exciting position with a dynamic organization, in a city and Jewish community where I want to live,” he said. “I am grateful to JVS Careers for all they do to care for those coming into the Cincinnati work force, and I am a donor to JVSCS. I am excited to call Cincinnati home.”

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